Premiere performance New Music New Dance festival 1987
Main Dance Vancouver

Composer: Kirk Elliott
Musicians: Kirk Elliott and Russell Shumsky
Dancers: Alison Crawford, Jean-Guy Cossette, Marie France, Janice Ungaro, Daina Balodis,

Work with 4 women and one man, I was interested in exploring the relationship of energy and form and how energy can beget form. I began with an exploration of resistance, of going against gravity, of adversity and conflict. I was interested in investigating the energy of violence, but without violent actions. Simultaneously, I wanted to explore, in depth, the sense of life energy and joyous vitality that I felt were most fully realized in the traditions of African Dance. To this end I studied in minute detail and deconstructed the formal elements of African dance and reassembled the elements into new forms. The choreographic structure emerged from improvisational processes and through my collaboration with composer Kirk Elliot. Susan Berganzi brought in some inspired punky leather costumes that included padded brassieres as shoulder pads and elbow pads. The costumes contributed to the shaping of the work as a wild joyous battle of energies.