Elmer & Coyote

At the time of the creation of Elmer & Coyote Byron Chief-Moon and Karen had been working together for 17 years, collaborating from radically different cultural perspectives and dance traditions. The relationship evolved over the years. It began with Byron as a dancer in Karen's choreography, resulting in major works. - Le Bateau, Man Within, Gawa Gyani, Homeland, and Raven of the Moon. Karen took the role of choreographer and performer in Byron's large opus, Quest. Quest led to Elmer & Coyote, a duet co-created and performed by Byron Chief-Moon and Karen. It was the first work to find them performing together in a fusion of aboriginal story telling and post-post modern dance. This work represented a new direction for both of them.

This multi-layered work's point of departure is an ancient creation story from the Blood Nation received by Byron from his grandparents. The story is developed to reveal the dilemma of an aboriginal man in contemporary life and the initiation into a new state of awareness. Further layers reveal the story of the collision of cultures as the aboriginal tradition meets the language of contemporary dance. Finally, it is the story of two people a man and a woman and their process of creating new dance from their separate worlds. The theme of creation comes round full circle from the ancient timelessness of a creation myth to the absolute present of a contemporary creation.

Elmer & Coyote was part of the 2005 CanDance Indigenous Dancelands Tour, to Lethbridge, Regina, Peterborough and Montreal. The work was performed in the 2005 Dance In Vancouver platform at the Scotia Dance Centre, participated in the Simon Fraser University's 40th Anniversary Dance Series and was included in The Sisyphus Project 2007.