June 9th, 2014 – Specify~Deepen

The piece is a culmination of research into the four houses of the body – these in turn become four developments that Karen passes through and into and becomes captured by, then emancipates herself from their specificity. This is what I have seen and experimented with on the side so far.

Prana, Apana, Samana and Udana are worlds unto themselves – they have trajectories, sensations, and ways of seeing, hearing, listening and responding. Each has an emotional landscape that is negotiated through being in and articulating an experience.

Some of the questions that arise out of this journey are purely physical and yet others can be interpreted in spiritual, philosophical ways (something I have mentioned before): if you’re already down, how do you get up? How important is talking to the experience? (the dialogue that was workshopped between Karen and collaborators)
Each vayu presents the problem of living in one colour. Emancipation (so far as I see) is working through vijana vayu – all of the vayus at once.

Compositionally, Karen has made a structure on 4 or 5 large pieces of paper that follow one after the other. She has placed dance, music, speaking, and video in different bars. She speaks of putting material in different bins. She wrestles with structure in order to understand what the piece is about. She asks if the structure is a series of problems. It is easier to refine and specify/deepen content when you know where it goes.

Questions and musings from rehearsals past:

Think about the energy it takes for something to change – it doesn’t just happen. Even if it happens abruptly, there is a buildup, a reasoning, a pace, a repetition, a deepening, a revelation that leads to the change.
Inertia is the inability to change. It’s a sort of stuckness that could be in a particular movement or rhythm. Is there satisfaction in inertia?
In this work, the choreography is lost when the energy and path of this energy is lost.
For a movement to come out of momentum, what coils in to make it happen?