Karen Jamieson has a long and successful history in community engaged and cross cultural dance. The company’s work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside reflects our vision to reveal the power of dance.

“This work hopes to develop and strengthen dance within a community by sowing the seeds of an ongoing dance practice. One of the revelations of past engagement with the Downtown Eastside community is that art might be the most potent tools for survival that human beings have come up with to date and dance might possibly be the most powerful of these tools.” Karen Jamieson

Karen’s pioneering work in this field has been recognized throughout Canada as groundbreaking. The passing on of this work to a younger generation through mentorship builds sustainability into our community work, allows a transfer of knowledge, and builds capacity and support for the dance program; it is an important component of KJD mandate.

Follow the 4 young professional dancers that were part of the first few years of the  Mentorship Project through Hailey's Blog.

Julie Lebel, Hailey McCloskey, Lindsey Ridgway and Mirae Rosner joined Karen in our Dance In And For The Community Program. Currently we are working in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside at Carnegie Community Centre and SFU Woodwards offering dance workshops to residents leading to performance. Recent work led to a performance at Heart of the City Festival October 30, 2016 called Metamorphose.

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New this year...Hailey's mentorship with Karen got some further support through the City of Vancouver's Mentorship Program. Hailey's work with us will now extend into working with Karen on other projects like the recent Brief Encounters and the upcoming solo|soul. Hailey will be submitting blogs that cover these other areas as well as her work with the other mentees in Vanocuver's Downtown Eastside.

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