Still of Jay Hirabayashi from 1983 Sisyphus Film by David Rimmer</p>

Still of Jay Hirabayashi from 1983 Sisyphus Film by David Rimmer

2007 Re-creation

Program Notes on the Vancouver International Dance Festival performance 

March 15, 16, 17, 2007

Elmer & Coyote
Man Within
Crow Returns





Sisyphus is a landmark full-length premiere presented by Canadian contemporary dance icon, Karen Jamieson. This suite of works goes “back to the future” by juxtaposing brand new work against signature pieces from her repertoire. Karen Jamieson’s new program includes the re-creation of masterwork Sisyphus (1983), the re-mounting of Man Within (1989), the 2005 cross-cultural piece Elmer & Coyote and a new stunning solo, Crow Returns (2006). Like all of her work, these pieces explore the tension between form and energy, exploring the tipping point between structure and raw emotion.

Crow Returns (2006) – A new solo work created and performed by Karen Jamieson, features a mask commissioned from Yayoi Hirano and music commissioned from Jeff Corness.

Performance and Choreography: Karen Jamieson
Music commission: Jeff Corness
Mask commission: Yayoi Hirano
Rehearsal Director: Lynn Sheppard
Dramaturge Director: Suzie Payne
Costume: Lynda Chow and Karen Jamieson
Lighting Design: Jeff Harrison adapted by Gerald King

Man Within (1989) Recreated 2005. The work investigates the weight of the body as a metaphor for the spirit. Man Within has evolved through a succession of dancers over many years; the work distils the accumulated experience of those performers.

Choreography: Karen Jamieson
Performed by: Byron Chief-Moon, Brian Solomon and Caroline Farquhar
Original score: Jeff Corness.
Costume Design: Catherine Lubinsky and assisted by Susan Berganzi.
Lighting Design: Jeff Harrison adapted by Gerald King

Elmer & Coyote (2005) - The point of departure of this multi-layered work is an ancient creation story of the Blood Nation received by Byron Chief-Moon from his grandparents.

Co-Creation and Performance: Karen Jamieson and Byron Chief-Moon
Choreography: Karen Jamieson
Story and Live Storytelling: Byron Chief-Moon
Music: John Korsrud with Dylan Van der Schyff, Ron Samworth and Peggy Lee
Vocals: Sandy Scofield
Recorded Storytelling: Beverly Hungry Wolf
Costumes: Byron Chief-Moon and Kevin L. Smith
Rehearsal Director: Lynn Sheppard
Lighting Design: Jeff Harrison adapted by Gerald King

Sisyphus - Max Wyman on Sisyphus: “…unique, pared-down language that synthesizes form and idea…giving visible shape to the idea of human indomitability in the face of impossible odds. We are touched, saddened, thrilled”.

Choreography: Karen Jamieson
Performed by: Jay Hirabayashi, Amber Funk Barton, Ziyian Kwan, Jessica Fletcher, Deanna Peters, Brian Solomon, Brendan Wyatt
Understudies: Byron Chief-Moon and Darcy McMurray
Original Score: David K. MacIntyre
Musical Director: Peter Hurst
Musicians: Peter Hurst and TBA
Lighting Design: Gerald King
Original Costume Design: Susan Berganzi
Costume Adaptation: Linda Chow


Sisyphus - Karen Jamieson Dance Company
Vancouver International Dance Festival
March 15, 16, 17, 2007
Roundhouse Theatre