Trickster 2013

Karen was one of 10 artists participating in 2013's Brief Encounters 20 (September 19-21)

Brief Encounters, produced by The Tomorrow Collective, returned for its 20th edition - at the Fringe for the first time - with three nights of interdisciplinary mash-ups that fused genres and pushed artistic boundaries. Guest programmer: Flick Harrison with David Jordan. Host Riel Hahn.
There were 10 diverse artists that were paired up and given two weeks to create. Karen was paired with the amazing Nathaniel "Natty" Justiniano, Bouffon, from San Francisco; who is also an actor/creator, movement designer and teacher. His company Naked Empire Bouffon Company was here performing at the Fringe.

September 19, 20, 21, 2013
Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver
Kristina Lemieux, Artistic Producer
Flick Harrison, Guest programmer

All photos (above) by Ash Tanasiychuk of Vandocument who also did a wonderful preview of Trickster.

The resulting work - "Trickster"  - juxtaposed Karen's “energy body” practice and Natty's practice of Bouffon clowning. The work was extremely exciting to both artists; they were thrown into new and uncomfortable territory, expanded their understanding of their own and each other’s work and the decision was made to fully develop this work in 2014-2015. Please stayed tuned for more as this interesting project develops!


Both videos by Flick Harrison