Gawa Gyani 1991 Photo by Doane Gregory</p>

Gawa Gyani 1991 Photo by Doane Gregory



Community Engaged Dance

Choreographing Community - Vancouver's community engaged dance momentum - by Brittany Duggan for The Dance Current

Dance for Every Body: Engaging communities and making Vancouver move - by Hilary Maxwell for Dance International

Leading from Beside - Community Engaged Art in Recreation - by Cyndy Chwelos and Marie Lopes April 2016


Mentorship Project

Hailey's Blog on the KJD Mentorship Project


Stand Your Ground 2005-2008

Stand Your Ground Report (2008) by jil weaving for Canada Council Community Engaged Dance Project in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

Stand Your Ground Review (2007) by Sandy Cameron

Stand Your Ground Vancouver Sun Review (2008) by Kevin Griffin 



Karen Jamieson's Sisyphus - Essay by Kaija Pepper 2007


The Skidegate Project
Percy Gladstone Memorial Dance 

Final Report - Assessment for the Canada Council By Natalie Mcfarlane

Collision 2009-2011

Hailey McCloskey's Paper on Collision

Collision (2011) Review by Kevin Griffin

Max Wyman Review on Collision (2011)


Other Links

Karen in the Canadian Encyclopedia

Dance Encounters - Leland Windreich - Writing on Dance 1998