Apr 14, 2014 - Bandas and Vayus

Apr 14, 2014 - Bandas and Vayus

Musings on the practice of the bandas and Vayus continued

working with two systems of embodiment at once – how are they different?


• exhale: weight pours downward, includes the bounce
• inhale: energy rises upward from the rebound

the VAYUS-

• exhale: flows inward and up through doorways along the front of torso
• inhale: expands into space above and everywhere


PRANA vayu-
                     Passive weight
                     Doorway in the area of the lungs
                     Receptivity to gravity and levity (rebound)
                     No movement until you go down, impact the earth and rebound

APANA vayu-
                      Resistor pattern
                      Doorway area of the perineum
                      Capable of resisting gravity and levity making it possible to
                                       support and augment gravity and levity

SAMANA vayu-
                      Assistor pattern
                      Doorway is the area of dantien of tai chi
                      Center moves everywhere
                      Ultimate flow pattern (water)

UDANA vayu-
                      Doorway is at the base of the throat
                      Attention, focus
                      Awareness, thought
                      Control, posturer – shape and gesture

VIYANA vayu-
                     Everything comes together
                     Everything extends out

As per the website, Vijnana Yoga, the Seven Vital Principles are as follows:

(to read up on each, visit: http://www.vijnanayoga.org/seven_vital_principles.html)

1. Relaxing the Body

2. Quieting the Mind

3. Focusing through Intent

4. Rooting

5. Connecting

6. Awareness of breath

7. Expanding - Elongating and Widening