Mar 30, 2014 - Process and Practice

Mar 30, 2014 - Process and Practice

Musings on the process and the practice for solo|soul

the muscular body is the default body - at age 3 we shift away from energy body

energy body is the unconscious information acting upon the body in a focused place: these are the doorways into the vayus

the practice is to move away from will and into something innate

the vayus prana (three fingers above the navel) and samana (three fingers below the navel) create a double flow pattern, Karen calls it the 'loose clown'

when choreographing from energy, there is no 'doing' the moves, there is only 'being' the moves - this reminds me of martial arts philosophies

re-enter the sensation of improvisation through anatomical specificity

watch where the weight shifts are happening, then what the feet are doing in response, re-mapping the patterns

god is in the details - by refining the details, you won't see them, you'll only see the flow (if you construct the patterns from the muscular body, you'll see more contraction)

my question is how to apply this work in choreography that doesn't apply the energy body can be present in a change in how you execute the movement