Nov 1, 2013 - Big Weekend Ahead

Nov 1, 2013 - Big Weekend Ahead

Big Weekend Ahead

As I mentioned on my last entry, energies are truly running high as we approach the show on Sunday. CONNECT was recently featured in the Georgia Straight, and this made many participants proud and excited for the upcoming show.

Today is our last formal workshop and rehearsal. We still have some bridging to do between the music and movement, and timings need to be clarified. Rhythmic structures and learning to allow these to flex according to the liveliness of the music is becoming more and more a part of the choreography. Today, Karen, Julie, Lindsey and I will meet a half hour before the workshop in order to confirm ways that we can work this kind of flexibility into our leadership tasks throughout the piece.

Karen sent out a production schedule yesterday, and I am reviewing the timeline in preparation. Call times, costuming, warm-up and time for food and snacks has been outlined as well as things that need to be taken care of by the awesome Andrea Creamer. One such important, and site specific, task is drawing a circle where one performer will sing a traditional song at Pigeon Park so that we don’t get engulfed by the crowd that meets for the Sunday market.

Tomorrow we meet for a dress rehearsal. Staying focused is in service of the performance, but is required even more so in order to maintain the balance and sustainability of the group dynamic. The dance thrives on this ecology; it is in fact defined by it, in my humble opinion. We are showing connection, being witnessed in our state of connection.
On Sunday, we will share the work with the public: a multi-year culmination of movement and meditation, a gathering of people of diversity, the spirits of many who have come before this day, and the hope that we will continue to move forward together.