Art & Spirit

February 25, 2015 - Exploring the spirit of creativity from a non-religious perspective - Speaker Series

Starting February 25 with Karen Jamieson, St. Anselm's Anglican Church launches a new speaker series called Art & Spirit.

Wednesday Nights February 25-March 25 @7:30
Free/donations welcome
St. Anselm's 5210 University Blvd, Vancouver
...across from the UBC Golf Club

Exploring the spirit of creativity from a non-religious perspective...

Creativity is central to being human. Religion has often thought of God as the only creator, but creativity also happens outside the religious context.

St. Anselm's explores the spirit of creativity from non-religious perspectives in its speakers' series this spring, 'Art and Spirit'. Significant leaders in the arts - dance, theatre, painting, poetry and music will share their own sense of the spirit of their art.

Wednesdays from the end of February to the end of March at 7.30 at St. Anselm's Church across from the UBC Golf Club. This is an opportunity to hear from major figures in the arts about their creative experience - of being human and being spirited.

February 25 - Karen Jamieson: Dance
March 4 - Landon Mackenzie: Painting
March 11 - Christopher Gaze: Theatre
March 18 - Jane Coop: Piano
March 25 Kate Braid: Novelist

For more information contact St. Anselm's Anglican Church