Dance Hall of Fame Inductee

Congratulations Karen!

We are very pleased to announce that Karen will be one of the inductees in the Canadian Dance Hall of Fame; honouring her life-long contribution to dance.

Encore! Dance Hall of Fame - Dance Collection Danse a Canadian organization recognizing the legacies of Canada's dance artists.

Karen joins: Veronica Tennant, Danny Grossman, Joan and Jerry Lozinski, Ola Skanks, Rina Singha, Alan and Blanche Lund, René Highway, and Jeanne Renaud.

Dance Collection Danse

Canada’s dance history is filled with remarkable people who took risks and pushed the development of the art form. Dance history reflects moments in our political history, immigration history, military history, social history, feminist history and gay rights. It is an ephemeral art form and requires special care to ensure that the art and the artists are not lost to time.

Dance Collection Danse is a national resource centre and repository for Canadian dance history. DCD’s purpose is to provide a public space for research, education, exhibition, performance – a virtual and physical home for learning about the art of dance, both past and present.

The Induction Ceremony

Encore! Dance Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony presented by Dance Collection Danse in Toronto on March 25, 2018.
Held at the beautiful Globe and Mail Centre, this is event will also be a fundraiser for Dance Collection Danse.
Come out and support DCD and say hello to Karen...she will be there!

Encore! Dance Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
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