Light Breaking Broken - Short film by Sammy Chien

December 2017 - Screen:Moves

We were invited to participate in Screen:Moves – a curated screening program of dance video and film based in Toronto, conceived by the RT Collective and presented in collaboration with DANCEMAKERS. Screen:Moves invites 20 artists from across Canada to create original short dance films for a one-night-only program. The program features a wide range of formats—experimental, narrative, animated and comedic works, offering a unique cross section of Canada’s diverse dance communities on screen.

Featuring works by: Katie Ewald, Robert Kingsbury, Nova Bhattacharya, William Yong, Karen Jamieson & Margaret Grenier, Brandy Leary, Natasha Powell, Rodney Diverlus, Frances Chudnoff, Emma-Kate Guimond, Aria Evans, Molly Johnson, Peter Kelly, Shakeil Rollock, Melanie Gordon, Nita Bowerman, Nico Contreras, Zachary Nicol, and others.   

Multi-discipline artist Sammy Chien created a 4-minute short from existing footage of past performances of light breaking broken. Thank you Sammy!