Solo From Chaos (2008 Re-creation)

Solo From Chaos (2008 Re-creation)

Solo From Chaos (2008 Re-creation)

Part of the 25th Anniversary tour of BC...

Stark, elemental, raw…driving single-mindedness, her incorrigible belief of the inseparability of mind and body and her fascination with the part of life which human beings have no real control over…The visceral percussions by Ahmed Hassan round out the elemental energy of the piece” Glenda Bartosh

The re-creation of the 1982 Solo From Chaos completed the trilogy of recognized KJD classic dance works. Described by Max Wyman as the highlight of the 1982 Canada Dance Festival, Solo from Chaos, like Sisyphus and Man Within, is a powerful metaphor for one human’s journey – the decent and ascent that is visceral and raw.

Performer: Darcy McMurray
Composer: Ahmed Hassan
Score Re-creation: Joseph “Pepe” Danza
Lighting: Jean Philippe Trépanier
Original 1982 Costume Design: Karen Jamieson
Costume adaptation 2008: Linda Chow

The Re-creation of Solo From Chaos premiered and toured as part of the Sisyphus Project in October 2008.

The Sisyphus Project was a full length program that revealed the new vision of Karen Jamieson Dance; looking both forward and back simultaneously through juxtaposing newly created work with signature works. The content of the 2008 program included the re-creation of masterwork Sisyphus (1983), the re-creation of signature work, Man Within (1989), the premiere of the new duet Agon (2008) and the newly recreated signature work Solo from Chaos (1982).

The Sisyphus Project premiered at the 2007 Vancouver International Dance Festival to sold-out houses and featured a cast of extraordinary intergenerational dancers: including Jay Hirabayashi, the quintessential Sisyphus, to re-create his 1983 role. The program included: Sisyphus, Man Within, Elmer & Coyote and Crow.

The 2008 program of The Sisyphus Project included Sisyphus and Man Within and two new additions: Solo From Chaos and the premiere of Agon – all choreography is by Karen Jamieson, Artistic Director of KJD. It toured British Columbia through the Made In BC - Dance on Tour program.

Tour Original Scores: David K. MacIntyre, Jeff Corness, Ahmed Hassan, John Korsrud and Cris Derksen with a re-creation of the Solo From Chaos score by Joseph “Pepe” Danza.

Tour Lighting: Jean Philippe Trépanier

Tour Costume Designers: Susan Berganzi, Linda Chow and Catherine Lubinsky

Tour Technical Director: Jeff Harrison

Tour Stage Management: Julie Martens

Tour Coordination: Beverly Walker

KJD General Manager: Pamela Tagle