Richard White


Richard White


solo|soul is a full length solo work to be created by and for Karen Jamieson premiering July  2014. The work is developing out of a unique in-depth three year research process with Jennifer Mascall, Lee Su-Feh, Serge Bennathan, Peter Bingham, Josh Martin, Margaret Grenier, Meredith Kalaman, Darcy McMurray, Dramaturge DD Kugler, Composer John Korsrud, Photographer Chris Randle, Videographer Josh Hite.

Time is running out for me. My body, the sole repository of rich dance experiences of a lifetime, is aging. Yet my understanding of the meaning and significance of the work that I have been doing these past years grows. There is a race going on – to render this understanding into choreographic form before my body ceases to be an expressive vehicle.” Karen Jamieson

Research Processes 2012 & 2013
Danced Conversations & Studio Showings

Working individually with very different dance artists, in the studio, in conversations and exchanges in dance, creating studies and presenting studio performances. The first year the studio showings gave insight to the conversations, content and visual demonstrations as well as discussion. The second year built on those conversations.

Premiere July 10, 11, 12, 2014
Presented by The Dance Centre & Dancing on the Edge Festival

Scotiabank Dance Centre Vancouver, BC


A solo by and for Karen Jamieson

…as authentic talent they live thier art to their last breath…transforming their energy into a timeless generator as their body learns to preserve yet expel extraordinary force.”

– Mirna Zagar: on mature dance artists and Karen Jamieson


Concerned with the transformation from the muscle body to the energy body and the transformative process of aging. The body as a temporary garment.

Created through a three year dialogue - Danced Conversations - with dance artists from different aesthetics, traditions and ages. See below for video of the danced conversations during 2 years of studio showings.
Serge Bennathon (Les Productions Figlio), Peter Bingham (Edam Dance), Maragret Grenier (Dancers of Damelahamid), Meredith Kalaman, Lee Su-Feh (battery opera), Josh Martin (605 Collective), Jennifer Mascall (Mascall Dance), Darcy McMurray.

Karen Jamieson: Choreographer & Dancer
John Korsrud: Composer
Josh Hite: Visuals
DD Kugler: Dramaturge
James Proudfoot: Lighting
Chris Randle: Photography
Hailey McCloskey: Apprentice & Rehearsal Assistant
Darcy McMurray: Rehearsal Director
Philomena Sondergaard: Stage Management


Created with the assistance of The Dance Centre through a Creation Based Residency and a Production Partnership

Supported by: Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Foundation, The Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation, The Hamber Foundation, The Dance Centre, Dancing on the Edge Festival

PREVIEW from The Vancouver Sun

Premiere: Gallery

Video (excerpts)

from July 12, 2014 performance. Taken by Josh Hite

Two excerpts from the premiere performances of Karen Jamieson's solo|soul. Dancing on the Edge Festival, Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver, Canada.


Work in progress: Gallery

January 2012 - July 2014

All Photos: Chris Randle
All Videos:
Josh Hite

A Collection of 2012 Showings


Darcy McMurray

Karen & Darcy McMurray – January 26, 2012

Margaret Grenier

Karen & Margaret Grenier – February 2012


Meredith Kalaman

Karen & Meredith Kalaman – February 8, 2012

Serge Brennathan

Karen & Serge Bennathan – March, 2012


Jennifer Mascall

Karen & Jennifer Mascall – March 29, 2012

Su-Feh Lee

Karen & Lee Su-Feh – April 20, 2012


Josh Martin

Karen & Josh Martin – May 4, 2012

Peter Bingham

Karen & Peter Bingam – May 17, 2012