Techno Carnegie

Techno Carnegie

Techno Carnegie

A procession from the Carnegie Centre to the rooftop of the Sunrise Market for a Dancing on the Edge rooftop dance party

July 18, 2010
Vancouver, BC

Choreography: Karen Jamieson & the Carnegie Dance Troupe

New Media Mentors & Laptop Video Editors:Sammy Chien & Shang-han Chien
Laptop Video Shot by: Workshop Participants of workshop process
Musicians: Peter Siah lll, Sarah Good, Stephen Lytton
Dancers (Live Performance & Video): Deborah Charlie, Diane LeClair, Elizabeth Buchanan, Faye, Henry Wong, Jessica Campbell, Marguerite T, Martin Wong, Muriel Marjorie, Priscillia Tait, Robyn Livingstone, Roseanne Gervais, Sammy Chien, Shang-han Chien, Shelly Cox, Swallow, Sylvia Kwong
Videographer: Dallas
Photographer: Chris Randle
Costumes: Susan Berganzi
Production Associate and Community Liaison: Marguerite T

Laptops, Video Cameras, New Media Mentors Courtesy of: SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Thank-you: Carnegie Outreach and Oppenheimer Park for the carts!

Management & Production: Pamela Tagle

In Partnership with: SFU Woodwards, Carnegie Community Centre, Dancing on the Edge
Funding by: Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, City of Vancouver,
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation, Hamber Foundation