The Skidegate Project

The Skidegate Project

The Skidegate Project 

The Skidegate Project – (began in 2002) when Karen Jamieson undertook a process of creative collaboration with the Haida community of Skidegate, a village of about 900 people on Haida Gwaii. The focus of the collaboration was to create a dance memorial for Percy Gladstone, a Haida elder that was very close to Karen Jamieson in her formative years and a strong influence in her development. It was a 3 year process of intense cultural dialogue. In January 2005, this 3 year project culminated in a performance /event (January 2005) presented at the annual clan dinner of the Kaahdaas Gaah K’iiguwaay, Raven Wolf clan of Tanu. About 50 people participated as performers, another 15 or so as translators, advisors, researchers, and artists.

The Skidegate Project Report by Natalie Macfarlane

Percy Gladstone Memorial Dance 

Percy Gladstone Memorial Dance – (2005) an extension and development of The Skidegate Project was performed at the Museum of Anthropology as an off site event of the Dancing on the Edge Festival 2005 produced by the Firehall Arts Center and was a three way partnership between the Karen Jamieson Dance company, the Museum Of Anthropology and the Festival. It was a meeting of post modern dance and traditional Haida dance with contemporary compositions from Haida composer Vern Williams and western composer John Korsrud. There is story telling on many levels, including the story of the creation of this work. The performance involved 19 dancers from Skidegate, between 5 and 8 urban Haida dancers and one modern dancer.

The Skidegate Project Documentary

Created with Tanya Collinson, videographer and editor

The poetic record of the journey to find Percy's spirit

This is record of events of a three year journey to find Percy Gladstone's spirit. The film will show how the quest was approached and achieved as well as the performances in Skidegate and Vancouver

It is a documentary of the process of a dance artist collaborating with a community of Skidegate to create an expression of spirit and spirit of place, to create a dance/performance to honour Haida Elder, Percy Gladstone, and where two different cultures met to achieve this.