Feb 1, 2014 - Entering a New Year after CONNECT

Feb 1, 2014 - Entering a New Year after CONNECT

February 2014 #1

Entering the new year, leaving behind the afterglow of CONNECT, we re stabilize my role as mentee. I realize that I have to continue to reconnect to what I need from a mentor, and specify that with the artist that is Karen Jamieson.

She begins a more intensive schedule of rehearsals in preparation for solo|soul, and I begin attending as many as I am able. The process deepens, and although we haven't had any thorough one-on-one meetings yet this year, I am starting to feel the good effects of time and saturation in the process.

As I witness the collaborative process between Karen, her dialogue/duet dancer colleagues, composer John Korsrud, video artist Josh Hite, and Dramaturge DD Kugler, I realize that I won't always know why I am there. I feel lost frequently, to only shortly thereafter stumble upon a connection, inspiration or lesson that I needed. I have to remind myself to trust the process; I don't have to force the questions, revelations, or applications. Through presence, those things arise organically.

As I integrate what I am learning everyday into facilitative and choreographic scenarios, I see that the next step I am interested in is a more in-depth study of the vayus of Vijnana yoga.