Feb 5, 2014 - The Collaborators

Feb 5, 2014 - The Collaborators

Rehearsal with the solo|soul collaborators: Karen Jamieson, Don Kugler, Josh Hite, John Korsrud

Tone of the room – creatively open, relaxed, trusting, and accommodating

The questions:

  • how do you balance dance and video so one is not taking the other over?

  • how can you show the internal dialogue through video projection?

  • how can you change the space of the theatre and bring the research space with?

  • does the creation of the soul emerge out of the dialogical, or do you find it by going inside?

  • what is the connection between the energy body the soul?

  • what are the distinctions between each dialogical relationship? (with dance collaborators)

The brainstorm comments:

  • there is a desire to work within the proscenium theatre but to subvert it

  • in dialogue with Serge: Karen followed instructions, Margaret: the material came from another realm, there was a change that occurred, Josh: an idea came forth, Karen did it on another level

  • desire to show the process of solo|soul non-magically

  • the idea that the soul can’t be represented through a solo

Don Kugler, dramaturge:

  • what’s the relationship to the research?

  • are you documenting? Summarizing? Just doing a solo?


  • it’s about the research – the idea of solo, changed

  • it’s representing an act of remembrance


  • what is the referencing for? To share history? Why and how is the referencing there?

I listen, and through this am incited to dream up creative applications for the choreography that I am currently working on.