Solo From Chaos (Duet) 2009

The 1982 work Solo From Chaos completes the trilogy of recognized KJD classic dance works. Like Sisyphus and Man Within, it is a powerful metaphor for the human journey – a decent and ascent that is visceral and raw. Karen Jamieson, the original creator and performer, joined Darcy McMurray in the premiere performance of this re-visioned piece, providing a new dimension to the work as the different life stages of these two dancers becomes a metaphor for the inner dance and the outer dance. 

“Stark, elemental, raw…incorrigible belief in the inseparability of the mind and the body and…the part of life which human beings have no control over” Glenda Bartosh

Performers: Karen Jamieson, Darcy McMurray
Composer: Ahmed Hassan
Score Re-creation: Joseph “Pepe” Danza
Costume Design: Karen Jamieson

Photos: Chris Randle